Weddings & Engagements

Delicious food from Ronnie’s Gourmet Catering will make your special day one that will be remembered forever! Whether you’re looking to have an elegant reception or just a casual gathering, Ronnie’s can take of all of your celebration needs!

Suggestions for Weddings & Engagements

Black Tie Affair
One of our more elegant affairs! Enjoy delicious filet mignon, jumbo grilled shrimp & more!

Italian Wedding
Amore! Whether you having a real Italian wedding or just want to enjoy the fine cuisine Italy has to offer, Ronnie’s is here to make your special day one for the books! This package consists of a variety of chicken, seafood and pasta dishes that will have Uncle Vinnie begging for more. Delicioso!

Ritz Buffet
A selection of our finer dishes, served buffet style.

Choose from our Add-on Menus
Packages “missing something”? We would be happy to add items from our Add-on menus. (A la carte pricing, as indicated on menus.) Click here to view all of our add-on options!

You can choose from our Add-on menu to add items not included in our packages, to suit your needs. Extra sides or entrees can be added on any package!


Corporate/Company Events

Whether you’re looking to reward your employees for all their hard work, or looking to spend some time together hardly working, Ronnie’s Gourmet Catering will do this work for you!

Suggestions for Corporate & Company Events

Gourmet Buffet

Banquet Buffet

Ballroom Buffet
A wide array of items are available these packages. Guaranteed to satisfy your entire staff!


Communion Celebrations

Ronnie’s Gourmet Catering specializes in both casual and elegant parties sure to make your familiy’s special day one for the photo album.

Suggestions for Communion Celebrations

Social Events & Get Togethers

Call the gang over for the next game or have a delicious smorgasbord at a welcome home party! You and your guests deserve to kick back and catch up on old times without worrying about preparing the food.

Suggestions for Social Events & Get Togethers

New England Clam Bake
Chow down on some clam chowda’ and some fresh seafood with this one of a kind package from Ronnie’s Gourmet Catering. This package includes roasted chicken & fresh seafood & lobster tail, homemade crabcakes, and of course fresh steamed clams!

Italian American BBQ
A great choice for a casual affair

Gourmet Buffet
All your favorite foods, expertly prepared.


Easy Holiday Parties

Want to throw a Holiday party, but don’t want all the work of shopping, preparing and cooking? Order one of our Holiday party packages, and we’ll bring it all ready for you to serve, right to your door. No muss, no fuss! Just put it out on the table, and enjoy the party right along with your guests!

Suggestions for Holiday Parties

Instant Tailgate Party

Food is going, Going, GONE! You can’t cheer for your favorite team on an empty stomach. Our packages are guaranteed to be a touchdown at the next big game. Whether you’re going to the game or watching it at home let Ronnie’s make the next game a special occasion.

Suggestions for Tailgate Parties